Exchange House, Broadgate
Photography by Jack Hobhouse・ Office



Spanning Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Residential properties, Developments and More, explore our portfolio of projects to date.

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July 25, 2023・ Office

An iconic building boasts a seamless fusion of contemporary design and functional elegance

July 24, 2023・ Office

At 78 St. James's Street, Squire & Partners have masterfully curated an awe-inspiring space that exudes sophistication and contemporary elegance.

July 19, 2023・ Office

The transformed 1950’s Parcels Building brings six floors of workspaces to a prime location in Lon

July 18, 2023・ Hotel

Doors are finally open for our latest hotel project, Birch!

July 18, 2023・ Hotel | Restaurant

Doors are finally open for our latest hotel project, Birch!

April 6, 2023・ Residential

Located at the western end of South West India Dock, the 75 storey tower is directly adjacent to The

February 21, 2023・ Residential

Stunning Villa Lucca setting a new standard for low-density living in Hong Kong

October 27, 2022・ Office

Modern refurbishment Of Auto Trader headquarters in Manchester

August 3, 2022・ Office

A beautifully reimagined workspace in the heart of Fitzrovia

July 16, 2022・ Office

Corporate office in Copenhagen with all the comforts of home

July 14, 2022・ Residential

Bright two-storey home with wellness at the core

June 13, 2022・ Office

Designed in-house by edyn in collaboration with London-based design studios Maison August and Atelie