Design support

We pride ourselves on balancing practical requirements of costs and suitability whilst protecting design integrity when bringing our clients’ projects to life.

Our portfolio of projects reflects our love of design and how hard we work to achieve your vision.

Below is the process for how we work to bring your design to life.

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1. Briefing

1. Briefing

  • Kick off meeting to ensure understanding of client’s vision.
  • Regular meetings to propose alternatives and ideas.

2. Design consultancy

  • Proposal from library of innovative and unique sustainable materials.
  • Review preferred supply chain to ensure all items are suitable for commercial use and recommend alternatives where not.
  • Analysis of off-the-shelf versus bespoke requirements. Engagement with UK/EU fabricators where applicable depending on cost and complexity of design.
  • Circular economy design support, e.g. vintage.
2. Design consultancy
3. Cost consultancy

3. Cost consultancy

  • Define the budget so we can use our experience as cost consultants to outline recommended spend per area/product etc.
  • Identify the best value products for client selection.
  • Budget forecasts provided to capture all costs (purchasing, delivery, installation, warehousing, contingency, attic stock).
  • Review overall package and suggestions or VE in order to reduce costs.
  • Tendering elements of the package to ensure best value.

4. Samples & material coordination

  • Sampling of materials and products.
  • Ensure suppliers provide foams in upholstery that meet UK commercial requirements.
  • Ensure fabrics achieve fire retardant and rub count requirements for commercial use.
  • Get fabrics tested for suitability on furniture.
  • Ensure Lighting is CE certified and suitable for wiring in UK.
5. Product testing & client sign off

5. Product testing & client sign off

  • Clear communication regarding deadlines and identifying suppliers on lead times that might cause issues.
  • Mock-up rooms to allow sign off of the physical sample piece of furniture alongside the fabrics and finishes.

6. Bespoke

Working alongside our clients, we can design, manufacture and deliver bespoke furniture and lighting to create a one-off design, or meet space or budget requirements.

6. Bespoke