What do Dodds & Shute do?

We are specialists in furniture consultancy and procurement working with Interior Designers, Architects, Developers and End Clients on all matters of commercial and private projects. We provide analytical and intelligent solutions to our client’s requirements, budgets and style. Our clients trust in our services to deliver their projects hassle free and with excellent support.

Why can’t I buy through your website?

We are not an online retailer, our platform shows approximate retail pricing in order to give an indication of costs. We prefer a personal touch where you deal one on one with a member of our team. Simply add the pieces you are interested in to your schedule and when you’re ready submit your enquiry for trade pricing. As most of our clients are trade customers they will have a discount applicable upon these costs.

I’m not trade, can I still work with you?

Absolutely! Please understand that we are not a retailer we are set up to deal with trade professionals but we welcome any enquiry from individuals looking to buy responsible furniture. You may not be eligible for trade discounts but you are still welcome to send us a schedule or please just drop us an email to [email protected] and we will see how we can help.

Is there a minimum order size?

No, please feel free to send any enquiry large or small we work to any size and can order single items up to entire hotels.

Do you offer design services?

No we are not design professionals just a company that loves design. If you need the help of an interior designer or architect to undertake the project of your dreams then we have a large portfolio of clients that we would be delighted to recommend. Let us know the size of project and whether you are looking for an established company or an exciting up-and-coming young practice.

How long does it take to hear from you?

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and want all enquiries to be answered in 24 hours max. However, we have a small team and if your enquiry is large it might take some time to consolidate all information. If this is the case a member of our team will still be in touch to let you know your enquiry has been received and we are working on it.

Is there a delivery cost?

Yes. Delivery is a real cost that is often underappreciated in our industry. We partner with delivery teams that pay fair wages and will offer a dedicated delivery service that includes assembly of loose furniture & lighting, removal and recycling of waste and packaging and positioning the furniture where required. Our teams can hang and install furniture and fine art but are not qualified electricians so we do not install lighting.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes our delivery partners operate globally so we can carry out our dedicated installations no matter your address. Some of our suppliers also offer a kerbside delivery service that might make more financial sense. Please make it clear to us where your project is located and we will find the best solution.

I’m a manufacturer, how can I get my products featured on your website?

We would love to hear from any manufacturer that believes they manufacture responsibly and want to have their goods featured on our website. You can learn more about our Supply Chain and Audit process here. Please note that due to our criteria in all likelihood only certain products will make it through to our shop.

How do I sell my products through your second hand page?

If you have a product in your home or business that you would like to sell then please email us at [email protected]. We are excited in our role here to keep furniture out of landfill and avoid unnecessary consumption. Please note that Dodds & Shute apply a 10% handling fee on top of all sales. We are only accepting second hand listings from reputable companies. No bespoke design or goods of unidentifiable origin. If manufactured by a reputable supplier then we are confident in the construction and quality of the manufacturing even though the condition of materials may have suffered.

What are your lead times?

All items are made to order so there is a lead time to consider. There are many variables that will affect your lead time. The manufacturer, time of year, location of manufacture and (if upholstered) the fabric/leather you are using so the earlier you get us involved the better. From our experience we recommend allowing 10-12 weeks from payment to receiving your delivery. If your deadline is sooner than this then please let us know as we will always be able to find you something but the choice of items will be restricted.

What do your sustainable icons mean?

We have worked hard to develop a robust supplier impact measurement and reporting system that gives unparalleled insight into the inner workings of the supply chains in our industry. We have designed our website so users can filter based on the environmental criteria that matter to them whether it be FSC timber, natural fillings, low VOC, cradle to cradle design etc. We felt that the Architecture and Design community would benefit from a platform that allows them to make better informed choices for their projects so all of this data has been processed so that designers can be confident they are looking at the most responsible products in the industry.

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