Kimpton De Witt Hotel
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Dodds & Shute are a privately owned, knowledgeable and hardworking team. We take pride in being the industry leader and specialists in responsible, design led procurement.

We work on Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Residential properties and Developments. We want your experience working with us to be enjoyable and hassle free.

Below are the services we provide.

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At Dodds & Shute, we take great pride in offering our specialist consultancy services for those embarking on design projects, purchasing product, or seeking financial guidance throughout a process. We provide analytical and intelligent solutions to our client’s criteria, requirements, and style in order to advise to the highest standard. Referencing our robust supplier impact measurement and reporting systems, we give unparalleled insight into the inner workings of supply chains. In our consultancy, we are able to convey our authority on sustainability and responsibility within the sector.

We are sensitive to the cost requirements of a project and work to defined budgets or if necessary, help to define them. Our bespoke cost planning software helps to find best solutions whilst always maintaining design integrity and durability.


Our team provide an engaged personalised service arranged to match the needs of each client

Throughout our management, our customers are ensured a minimum two-point of contact system so there will always be a dedicated member of our team available with a detailed understanding of the project. Our expertise is offered from conception to after completion.



We have accumulated an extensive collection of products so we can be utilised as a one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs.

Offering a comprehensive selection of designs, not only can we provide a thorough assessment of environmental and social credentials of each piece of furniture and lighting fixture, but our online store affords competitive industry discounts making prices better with us than in purchasing directly from a supplier.

Our carefully considered portfolio specialises in natural materials responsibly sourced from all corners of the globe, with climate positive furniture shaping the foundation of our product-offering.


Our trusted fabricators excel at bringing any unique vision into fruition. Working alongside our clients, our services can include the design, manufacture and delivery of bespoke furniture and lighting created to perfectly mould into the consumer’s space.

We will always maintain quality and the eco-credentials of naturally sourced materials at the core of any item we produce. We value form, function and beauty in good furniture design and durability is nonnegotiable when it comes to our output.

Our partners often pave the way for sustainable solutions in recycling materials such as plastic, fabric, marble, wood, glass & ceramic.
Second Hand

Second Hand

We believe the pathway to positive change in this industry is situated in a circular economy and we are committed to offering an alternative to the throwaway culture of mass-consumerism. Whilst we specialise in new furniture, we recognise the impact this has on the planet and its finite resource. Therefore, we have incorporated in our shop the ability for users to upload second-hand or vintage furniture they wish to sell, swap or gift. Giving a new home to a piece of furniture not only gives a new life to this item but potentially keeps it out of landfill.

The vintage market is vast and sustains considerable demand. In tapping into the preserved treasure of the antique, we offer our skills in the restoration and repurposing of unique items of vintage furniture, to instil in furniture a new lease of life so it is prevented from being lost to the past.


We have a dedicated in house team to assist with any aftercare matters, we can provide technical information, maintenance manuals and assist with claims and warranty issues. We also employ experts in renovation and restoration in case you damage your products in anyway, we are here to support you however you need.