Copper Offices
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Copper Offices

Copper – which specializes in helping institutional investors safely acquire, trade and store crypto assets – has taken up residence in London’s Broadwick House, designed in the 1990s by Richard Rogers. The Soho site is a departure from locations finance and banking firms are typically found in London. Universal Design Studio’s interiors rethink the archetypal design of such workspaces while still offering a refined environment inspiring client trust. In addition to the necessary office programme, the HQ is built to accommodate events, product launches and livestreaming.

Copper’s goal was to give its employees and client base a positive user experience while in the seven-storey space. Universal Design Studio thus set to creating a cinematic atmosphere playing on the on the juxtaposition between the familiar and unfamiliar, speaking to Copper’s future-facing position in the banking world. A digitally operated, dramatic curtain system – devised with Speirs & Major – activates Broadwick House’s façade, with each floor’s curtains drawn back in the morning and closed in the evening. Inside, finely crafted materials, like marble, velvet and walnut, contrast with modern elements including kinetic screens, dynamic light boxes and stainless steel. Light-filled, neutral workspaces are paired with a members’ club and events mezzanine influenced by luxury hospitality, executive studio and wellness suite. ‘Copper Core’ meeting areas are found on each floor, uniting the overall floorplan.

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