Edge Desking Modular

RRP £4,000 – £7,920
  • Manufacturer : Modus
  • Location of Manufacture : United Kingdom
  • Code : DS001917

From intimate creative studios to large, open-plan spaces, the PearsonLloyd Edge desk has the flexibility to meet any workplace demand. Foregoing the traditional, heavy and restrictive style of the desks of yesteryear, PearsonLloyd Edge has a refined domestic code and a beautifully light aesthetic. Create high-density desking with this flexible system: Combine a starter section with extension sections and an end section to create elegant workbenches of any length. End of desk storage can be combined with extension sections to create intelligent, space saving configurations. Customise your space with a range of beautifully engineered desk accessories. From bookshelves and paper trays to help keep everything tidy, to felt screens to absorb sound and create privacy, desk accessories can be either freestanding or clipped to a central rail. PearsonLloyd Edge is a completely flexible system that enables everyone to create their own tailor-made composition.

Sustainable Features

  • Climate Neutral
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • FSC / PEFC Timber
  • Green Energy
  • Made Locally
  • Recycled Material
  • FSC Timber

Functional Features

  • Modular
  • Power & Data
  • FSC Timber
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