Aisuu Chair

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RRP £1,021 – £1,134
  • Manufacturer : Walter Knoll
  • Lead time : 10 - 12 weeks
  • Location of Manufacture : Germany
  • Code : DS001199

This is exactly what you want your guests to be: present, but not presumptuous, elegant, but unpretentious. Aisuu Chair is just that. And it has a good story to tell, too: this chair was designed by a woman who grew up with her brilliantly creative grandfather, an architect who was close to the Bauhaus. As a child, designer Ginger Zalaba was surrounded by the irrepressibly creative work of her grandfather, Otto Kolb. She lived and breathed the design language of modernity. Aisuu Chair is made up of its vocabulary, put together to create its very own, new esthetics. As lightweight and delicate as verse, as powerful as a statement. Its construction alone – a masterpiece of statics and craftsmanship. Three tubes each meet up at six points. Although they are welded, they seem to be of a piece. The high-grade saddle leather – left natural, warm on your body, finished by hand at the edges. Over the course of its lifetime, the leather will develop a patina, which in turn will tell another, very personal story. Aisuu Chair is related to Aisuu Side Chair. Where the latter has a casual, roomy effect with its wings, Aisuu Chair is more upright. The chair finds its place at a dining table or hotel bar, ready to welcome guests and their stories.

Sustainable Features

  • Climate Neutral
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Made Locally
  • FSC Timber
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