Twenty Essex Offices
Designed and Photographed by Pernille Lind・ Office

Twenty Essex Offices

The extensive renovation of a six-floor building involved a strategic overhaul of the floorplan, each level meticulously designed to serve a distinct purpose. The basement was transformed into a versatile space featuring an open kitchen and café with terracotta and cream floor tiling. Minimalistic seating arrangements provided adaptability, making it ideal for client-held events. The soft, low lighting above the countertop, a nod to classic Scandinavian design, created a cozy ambiance.

In response to the challenges posed by COVID-19, the design direction focused on crafting an inviting, comfortable, and functional workspace, aiming to enhance the working environment compared to pre-pandemic times. To capture the essence of the quintessentially British location, British craftsmanship and local suppliers were instrumental in the design concept. The project emphasizes the fusion of modern functionality with timeless British aesthetics.

The thoughtful design extends to an inviting terrace, complete with industrial lighting and outdoor furniture, making it an ideal space for casual meetings or unwinding with a drink after work. Custom details, such as horseshoe-shaped desks, bespoke joinery for accommodating computer monitors, and glazed partitions, blend functionality with contemporary character, emphasizing meticulous attention to detail. This interior design evokes a British countryside aesthetic, offering a sense of tranquility in an otherwise fast-paced environment.

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