Minus Tio

Minus Tio

D&S Audit Score. D&S Audit Score.
Location of manufacturing: Sweden

Minus Tio is an explorative brand which meticulously refines ideas until the innovative end product is born. Established in the 1980s, the furniture designer reflects its legacy of Swedish manufacturing knowledge.

Using fully recyclable materials, the brand focuses on traditional artisanship combined with high tech for its collection of unique forward-thinking designs.

What makes this manufacturer special?
FSC timber FSC timber
 Cradle to Cradle Cradle to Cradle
Made Locally Made Locally
Recycled Material Recycled Material
How and where has the supplier excelled in our audit?
Governance Governance Reduce the impact of transportation by revising the supply chain to the minimise the transit for a final product. Whenever possible we use the least harmful way of transport.
Materials Materials Use the 8 step method of the Eco Design Strategy Wheel when designing: New concept development Selection of low-impact materials Reduction of materials usage Optimization of production techniques Optimization of distribution system Reduction of impact during use Optimization of initial lifetime Optimization of end-of-life system
Production Production Renewable electricity is sourced for office, assembly and warehouse.
Minus Tio
Minus Tio

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