In late February Dodds & Shute were fortunate to be invited by Moroso to their factory in Udine (Northern Italy). We were spoiled by some wonderful Italian hospitality and got an insight into the extraordinary legacy and manufacturing capability of the company. Our hosts Roberto (CEO) and Patrizia (Art Director) were charming and inspirational and every worker we met in the factory was passionate and dedicated to the company.

Moroso is a unique company that has a solid heritage of traditional craftsmanship since 1952. However when Patricia became the Art Director her bold and adventurous approach catapulted the company in a completely new direction. She has successfully built on their culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’, and combined their craftsmanship with more modern industrial techniques, contemporary art and fashion.

The companies relationship with the people they employ and designers they collaborate with really does give the impression that they are one big family and Patricia’s belief in the young talent of Ron Arad and Patricia Urquiola lays waste to the theory that friends are bad for business. We have had the good fortune to meet or listen to Patricia on 3 occasions now and she is one of the most inspirational people in the industry, read our next blog to get an insight into how she transformed Moroso.

See photos from their beautiful factory below.