We care about the global impact of our industry so we have devised a survey to ensure we have a greater understanding of our supply chain.

Supply chain

We take our responsibility seriously to source from ethical suppliers and work with companies that hold the same environmental values as us. We strive to be a transparent and honest business, ensuring our clients can have full confidence in us and the products they are buying.

We conducted a survey concentrating on criteria such as Governance, Materials, Production, People and Innovation. Examples of our line of questioning can be found below.

– Does the company have a sustainability policy or certifications?
– What significant environmental impact are they working to address?
-What percentage of their materials have a sustainability certification
– Do they follow a cradle to grave design approach with products that can be broken down to be reused or recycled at the end of their lifecycle?
– Do they source renewable energy and are waste materials reused, recycled or used for energy?
– Have they eradicated modern slavery from within their business and do they hold their own suppliers to account over this?
– Are they using materials or techniques to develop sustainable products in an innovative way?

Feedback we received from our suppliers has enabled us to create a section of our product portfolio called Environmental Products entirely dedicated to brands that scored highly in our survey.