Our trip to Milan. Part 7. Rossana Orlandi

April 20, 2015 By Culture, Milan, Product, Travel


Opened in 2002 in a former tie factory in the Magenta Neighbourhood Rossana Orlandi is a space that winds around a beautiful green courtyard where you can find contemporary and vintage furniture and art. Orlandi was once a fashion designer and is now famous for championing the careers of designers on the rise and the aim is to forecast and promote young and upcoming designers, discovered all around the world.

Here we got to see new pieces by Luca Nichetto a designer for De La Espada who creates products with personality, premium materials and superior craft. Interestingly the colour palettes play a huge role in his work, often inspired by nature they are applied to the selection of fabrics, materials, and combinations he then uses throughout the range.

We also saw the Stellarworks stand which was a breath of fresh air, instead of showcasing their new product range the design directors Neri & Hu chose instead to launch a conceptual display called The Cabinet of Curiosity. This explored the basic human condition as the pivotal theme and subject matter, we were asked to divulge a shameful secret rooted in one of seven sins, write it down and then drink a unique cocktail of ingredients that would expunge us of the shame and purify our soul. Feeling expunged we also took some time to admire a beautiful new pendant designed by Neri & Hu for Parachilna.