Thank you for those that were able to join us for our ‘Change for Good’ event! It was a pleasure to have so many friends under one roof.  

The evening was an opportunity to communicate our vision for Dodds & Shute as a platform dedicated to the most sustainable and responsible suppliers in the industry. We have spent the last 2 years auditing our supply chain to understand how we can be a better business. In the process we have learnt some incredible things about the great work our suppliers are doing and we see it as our role now to raise awareness of these to our wider community of designers and architects.

Our goal is to take our learnings and create a new ethical standard for the specification sector to encourage and inspire the industry to address the ways in which we source products. Mentalities in our industry (and greater society) need to change quickly to address the harm we are causing to our planet. Everyone involved in our sector whether designers, specifiers, salespeople, employees, business owners all have a role to play and we want to help people achieve that change.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our friends at Carl Hansen, Tom Raffield, Nikari, Lapalma, Sebastian Cox, Walter Knoll, Zeitraum, Pinch, Gemla and Weaver Green for their contributions to the nights event. Each of these companies was selected by us because of the care and consideration they show for environmental, moral and social values.

We hope those that attended left the event feeling inspired to join us in moving our industry forward in the right direction. Thank you again for all your support.