Dodds & Shute was founded in 2015 to unite our love of design, passion for entrepreneurship and desire to help. We owe our success to a very simple principle: WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE.

We believe in the value we provide as an intermediary. We cultivate strong relationships with suppliers and clients, based on mutual trust, reliability and respect.

We’re constantly searching for innovative designs and want to provide young designers and new companies a route to market. We genuinely value the expertise of our local fabricators and want to broadcast their talent to each and every one of our clients.

Our mission is to be an integral design resource for interior designers and architects, and renowned for our unrivalled knowledge of the industry. We’re a rapidly-evolving company with exciting prospects.

We want to provide a platform for our talented and ambitious team to become influential leaders in the industry. Our company is built around a team who share our vision and core values; PASSION, HONESTY, INNOVATION AND DEVOTION.

Curiosity. Our team truly cares about design and maintaining our relevance in this ever-expanding field. They work tirelessly to expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest products and emerging talent to ensure we’re at the forefront of the industry.
Pride. Our team recognises the importance of their role within the company and take pride in the knowledge that their daily contribution is vital to the ongoing success of Dodds & Shute.
Hard Working. We have a confident, self-motivated team, who engage with their work and strive to better themselves at every opportunity. They recognise the correlation between effectively managing workload and optimal productivity, knowing when to relinquish control and accept new challenges.
Enthusiasm. Our team approach everything with optimism and an infectious energy, inspiring others. They revel in tackling new challenges and responsibilities, which never goes unnoticed.
Brave. We insist on an open dialogue throughout our business and realise great ideas can come from anyone. No one should ever be afraid to have an opinion.
Communication. Our team actively listens, reflects and responds. In that order. Always. They shun assumption and always articulate clearly and effectively to avoid misunderstandings.
Trust. Dodds & Shute are a transparent and honourable company, and will remain truthful with our vision, goals and operation. Our team shares information openly and proactively, so they can confidently build strong working relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues
Feedback. Our team are never afraid to ask for help. We all have varied areas of expertise and are eager to impart that knowledge. Our team knows that everyone makes mistakes and constructive feedback, delivered in a nurturing way, is a positive step towards development.
Integrity. Our team are principled and treat others with respect. They are encouraged to question actions inconsistent with their values or the company’s ethics.
Resolution. Our team thinks clearly and maintains calm in stressful situations. Despite best intentions, conflicts can arise and when these situations occur issues are tackled in a professional and compassionate way.
Creativity. Our team challenge the current standards of our industry, looking to create better practices to define the new norm. Whether with clients, suppliers, internal processes, marketing or social media; we look for opportunities to bring unique ideas to the table.
Initiative. Our team are great problem solvers. They show good judgement and make intelligent decisions when confronted with an issue. They always come prepared with a solution when delivering unwelcome news.
Adaptability. Our team thrives on being part of a growing and progressive company. They show an eagerness to understand new processes and adapt as Dodds & Shute strive to constantly improve the way we work.
Challenging. We’re encouraged to question the status quo by kicking up and kissing down. Management embraces the challenge of improving the business at every opportunity and employees know that blame always flows upwards, not downwards.
Teamwork. Our team are kind, polite and respectful in every interaction and know that effective collaboration is at the heart of our business. They are generous with their time and always look for ways to help nurture the development of their peers. Any request for assistance is seen as an opportunity to improve the team, the company and the experience of our clients.
Customer service. Our team understands that our clients are the lifeblood of Dodds & Shute and that their happiness is paramount. They realise our reputation is the foundation for repeat business and referrals, and will do all they can to not only preserve, but enhance it.
Responsibility. Our team realises that building and maintaining a successful, collaborative and harmonious workplace is the duty of every person in the company.
Empathy. Everyone works differently and are shaped by their own unique perspectives and experiences. Our team are mindful of this
and endeavour to appreciate others’ viewpoints and emotions in every interaction.
Doing well by doing good. Dodds & Shute firmly believe we have a responsibility to work in both a socially and environmentally sustainable way. We not only strive to make a positive impact within our industry, but all industries we encounter.